Big deal melt packs

Big deal melt packs

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Big deal / freshly made from scratch melts 

we have made these ones stronger and better then before 

massive deal on these amazing melt packs 

you get 35 melts 

which in each pack has 6 cubes, 

so massive deal for the price 

there random scents 

35 different ones , 

but there’s a lot of different scents made up 

if there’s any smell you don’t like just feel free and let me know and we won’t put it in 

these are strongly scented

lots of new scents for amazing price 

these are the scents you might get 

you will get a mix of 35 melt packs 


Summer melon
Candy cane
Strawberry vanilla punch
Sinus relief
Black rose buds
Dragon fruit lemonade
Rainbow sour strip
Fruit banana
Lemon parsley
Coconut creme
Coconut lime
Piña colada
Japanese honey suckle
Bubble luscious
Joop hoome
Warm cinnamon
Red velvet cake
Hubba bubba
Sweet orange slices
Nag champa
White diamonds
Lime coco crush
Juicy watermelon
Lemongrass & sage
Chocolate melange
Balinese white mango
Fresh encounter
Peppermint candy
Sugar cookies
Pineapple temptation
Hot & spicy
Tangy grapefruit
Romantic fire
Coffee break
Rice flower
Pineapple mango
Black current
Coconut lime punch
Cinnamon apple
Cucumber melon
Lime & sandalwood
Mystery musk
Sweet grapefruit
Lime cooler
Blushing suede
Seaside spa
Fruit loops
Baby powder
Strawberry shortcake
Raspberry lemonade
Banana smoothie
Hubba bubba groovy grape
Cucumber and watermelon sprite
1 million
Australian bush
Honeysuckle jasmine
Cotton candy
Musk sticks
Sour patch lollies
Cucumber and green tea
Lemon meringue
Sparkling strawberry
Red skin lollies
Cinnamon and spice
Lemon sugar raspberry
Chocolate fudge
Slices of fruit
Ripened raspberry
Eucalyptus blue gum
Apple Honeycrisp
Pamela cocoa butter
Fresh pear
Chocolate melange