Gift box
Gift box

Gift box

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Gift box full of goodies

Comes with the following items


Gold / pluggable fragrance warmer

Candle / cotton candy

Candle / fig & melon

Lip balm / berry

Lip surub / cotton candy

Body scrub / peppermint crisp

Sage stick

Game controls bath bomb / fruit slices

Rainbow bath bomb / cotton candy

Geode crystal

Large Amethyst cluster

Amethyst cluster


Selenite wand

Tumblers about 5 pcs

Chunky quartz

2 arrow heads

Selenite crystal point

green fluorite Crystal point

Essential oils mixed

5 melt packs which have 6 cubes in every pack

  • froot loops
  • Hubba bubble groovy grape
  • Monkey farts
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry lemonade