Melts / sex on the šŸ§ 

Melts / sex on the šŸ§ 

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These are highly fragrances melts šŸ˜Ā 

Natural soy waxĀ 

strongly scented melt packsĀ 

in each pack you receiveĀ 

6 cubesĀ 

you can use 1/2 cubes in each burnerĀ 

or electric warmersĀ 

these are handmadeĀ 

mans are all strongly scentedĀ 

for your comfortĀ 

so you can have great smelling melts i your home Ā 



Sex on the brain

This beautiful fragrance has components of great summer memories at the bar ordering your cocktail. It contains all the attractive features that make the young and the restless enjoy,Ā  the radiance of fruity and citrus notes. Its a salubrious and delicate fragrance thats universal.Ā