Pre- Historic Dig bath bomb

Pre- Historic Dig bath bomb

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Pre-Historic Dig

Bath bomb / will come in a random smell

For the explorer of fossils

Palaeontology the study of ancient life , from dinosaurs to prehistoric mammals and even fish . Fossil evidence reveals how organisms changed over time and what our planet was work long ago .

In this dig you will find a dinosaur , Hatching dinosaur egg and rock !

Before you begin, place your bath bomb on a paper towel

Use the Wooden hammer and wooden chisel and tap onto the “ rock “ ( bath bomb ) . As some comes away, use your brush To dust away the ruble. Once you find all 3 items, fill

Your bath tub with water, get in and place The bath bomb and any broken rubble in the water. Sit back and enjoy a bath after a hard days digging for fossils !

Do not handle bath bomb in tub . Some are made with water- soluble dyes which can stain hands ( washes off but best to avoid this )